Monterrey, N.L. - Nowadays, most travelers start their travel planning through a Google search, sometimes without a fixed idea of their destination, other times with the ideal destination already in mind. It is for this reason that the Travel Industry must focus its strategy on being at the top of the search engine, in order to be found in a few clicks by these travelers.

The Tourism Cluster of Nuevo Leon, continuing with its vocation for innovation and line of action, responding to its Strategic Axis, Application of Technological Innovation, and in response to this need to position the sector, on March 15th carried out the Google AdWords Workshop for the Tourism Industry, based at the Universidad Regiomontana.

It was attended by 30 people, all from the sector and who work in digital marketing activities. This workshop aimed to boost the business of the attendees, including: tour operators, hoteliers, museums, airlines, event organizers, venues and responsible for ground transportation, strengthen and lay the groundwork for a successful presence in Google with paid campaigns and thus improve the positioning with organic results.

With a duration of seven and a half hours, attendees learned to use Google My Business, Google Maps and Google Network. They also learnt the steps to create a campaign, ads and of course, where to locate the information needed to measure the results.

Due to the interest of the attendees, another two-hour session was planned for April 5th, in order to clarify doubts that arose after the practice of what was learned in the Workshop.

According to a study by Google Spain, 82% of travelers have bought at least one component of their trip online. For the Cluster it is important that the Industry uses all the digital resources in its favor, as it is aware of the power of digitalization to attract national and international visitors.

Thanks to the success obtained, the Google AdWords Vol.2 Workshop is expected to take place at the end of April, where those who did not get a place in the first Workshop will be included.