Monterrey, N.L. - As part of the digital era, it is important that tourism destinations are in perfect harmony with their visitors, throughout their travel experience, easy access to information, constant communication and opportunity to share experiences at the time is possible through the use of new technological tools.

Knowing the importance of updating the Tourism Industry in this and more tendencies, the Tourism Cluster of Nuevo León, in collaboration with the Nuevo Leon Sub-Secretary and with the support of Total Tech, carried out the workshop "Social Media Management in the Tourism Industry" given by the firm Tres en Social which took place on September 12th and 13th and was directed to all the tourist service providers in the State.

The workshop consisted of 2 sessions, one theoretical and one practical, where 40 members of the Tourism Industry of Nuevo Leon focused on knowing the opportunities and exploring the different trends to make successful strategies in the digital platforms.

Part of the topics that were addressed during the theoretical session were focused on social networks and the digital user; the digital transformation of the organization, and how to enter the digital market with your product or service; as well as digital strategies focused on the tourism sector, in charge of guiding the organization to reach its business objectives.

In the practical session, topics such as brand or service positioning in social networks were covered; detection and management of influencers, which are used as a tool to achieve better market penetration; social network campaigns, what to do and what not to do in them; among other important topics for the industry.

The Tourism Cluster of Nuevo Leon through its Strategic Axes seeks to potentiate and innovate within and for the Tourism Industry of the State, with the Professionalization of Human Capital, the application of Technological Innovation and the Development of Innovative Tourism Products.

This is the beginning of a digital process, which strengthens the competitiveness of the providers of tourist services and products and allows the development of the Tourist Industry in order to reach more markets and to know the travel factors that motivate the tourist and generate unique experiences.