Además de las reuniones antes mencionadas, el Clúster de Turismo asistió a algunas interesantes conferencias en el marco de Fitur TECH y talleres de SEGITTUR Lab.

The Tourism Cluster of Nuevo Leon attended for the first time the International Tourism Fair FITUR 2019, a global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading fair for inbound and outbound markets in Latin America.

An interesting work agenda was set up, aimed mainly at creating collaboration networks with other Spanish Tourism Clusters, learning about success stories in the implementation of technologies applied to tourism and opening direct communication channels between our Cluster and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Mauricio Magdaleno, Director of the Cluster together with David Manllo, Director of the OCV of Monterrey and Jorge Vasaro, Director of Planning of Tourism NL held a meeting with Ángeles Moreno from The Creative Dots company to evaluate the realization of the Workshop Event Canvas in Monterrey so that our members organizing events and academies can obtain the Event Design Certificate MPI, the proposal will be communicated for evaluation.

Alejandro Garza, President of the Mexican Association of Hotels of Nuevo León accompanied the Cluster to the meeting with Mercè Masip, Coordinator of TURISTEC (International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism), an important organization that promotes digitalization and innovation initiatives between the tourism sector and ICT in the Balearic Islands. With her it was agreed to create a common space of knowledge and collaboration between the members of both clusters. Likewise, the President of the Hoteliers of Nuevo León was present at the meeting of the Cluster with Lucía González, Technical Secretary of the Tourism Cluster of Galicia, who shared her management model and services for her tourism industry.

Along the same lines, in the company of Jesús Guerrero, CEO of Ibo Adventures and member of the Cluster's Board of Directors, a meeting was held with Jesús Viñuelos and Eva Téllez, President and Director of the Tourism Cluster of Extremadura respectively, in which an exchange of experiences in the field of product development was agreed upon.

Similarly Jesus Guerrero and David Manllo, Director of the CPV of Monterrey and member of the Board of Directors, participated in the meeting with Luis Baldo, President of the Rural Tourism Cluster Asturias, where he shared a couple of success stories in the design and marketing of rural tourism products. It is worth noting that knowing the Spanish Cluster models, it becomes evident that the clustering model of strategic sectors in Nuevo Leon is solid, inclusive and highly competitive.

In the company of Jorge Vasaro, Director of Tourism Planning NL, a meeting was held with Dirk Glaesser, Director of Sustainable Development of Tourism of the UNWTO and with Birka Valentin from the area responsible for the International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories of the UNWTO, They were presented with the project to create the Tourism Observatory of NL (where the APP PASPorte NL Extraordinario plays an important role as a collector of big data) and presented the recommended roadmap to achieve the success of our observatory sooner based on best practices and methodologies to eventually incorporate Nuevo León into this international network.

Similarly, a working lunch was held with Natalia Bayona, Director of UNWTO's Innovation and Digital Transformation Strategy, to learn about the actions of this initiative and join the Cluster in its strategy to create innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems. In both cases, we maintain communication to specify in the medium term the inclusion of the Tourism Cluster of Nuevo León in the initiatives of the World Tourism Organization.

Finally, we had a meeting with Macarena Montesinos, Mr. Creative Partnerships Manager of Expedia Media Solutions where we showed the reach and penetration in other markets that our destination can have using the Expedia platform as a promotional channel and visitor data intelligence management. He will send a proposal to be evaluated at the next Board of Directors meeting.

In addition to the meetings mentioned above, the Tourism Cluster attended some interesting conferences within the framework of Fitur TECH and SEGITTUR Lab workshops.

For the Tourism Cluster of Nuevo Leon it is important to attend this International Tourism Fair because besides the collaboration networks with international organizations that it creates, it knows first hand the latest trends in intelligent tourism destinations, digital transformation, technologies applied to tourism, sustainable management models, e-commerce platforms, etc. which are topics that the Cluster is promoting in Nuevo Leon hand in hand with the State Government, ICT companies and many participants of our Tourism Industry.