The Tourism Cluster of Nuevo León A.C. and the Monterrey Convention and Visitors Bureau in collaboration with MPI Mexico Chapter, Centro Convex and Eventus, joined forces to bring the Event Design Certificate to Monterrey with the aim of professionalizing the Tourism Industry of Nuevo León with this first level certification.

The Event Design Certificate is a program of Event Design Collective, a training and consulting firm with a global presence that created the Event Canvas tool to plan and develop events strategically.

The Event Canvas is focused on stimulating the creation of a common visual language that can be used by the event owner and his planning team to identify key points and be able to innovate in the design of a successful event. Around 8,153 event planners have adopted the use of this tool since its launch in 2014.

The training is provided through accredited instructors of Event Design Collective, Roel Frissen, co-founder and Managing Partner and Angeles Moreno, Director based in Madrid, Spain, will be the ones who impart the Event Design Certificate on their first visit to Latin America.

The attendees had 3 days of face-to-face sessions and will continue their training with 6 months of virtual coaching, where they will be able to develop their event guided by the experts. At the end of the program, they will receive their diploma as Certified Event Designers, joining the other 108 certified event designers around the world, being the first generation from Latin America.

Currently there are four levels of master's degree in event design methodology with Event Canvas, the third is the most complete where they receive the Certificate as Event Designer, which will be taught in Monterrey. In the fourth level they learn to teach the course and become instructors.

The Tourism Cluster of Nuevo Leon A.C. and the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Monterrey will continue to seek collaboration that enriches and strengthens the value chain and raises the level of global competition in their events